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since we've noticed quite a number of hits onto our website from abroad, we have decided of establishing an english part of our website.


For the purpose of your better orientation here a brief dictionary:


  • "Zirberl"  is a typical austrian version of a liqueur made out of the cones of a rare pine tree, the stone pine, in the austrian alps and therefore a rarity in the rest of the world. Whoever has ever been for skiing in Austria already should know it by now! It has a very specific flavour of pine, natural tree resin and spices. Some dislike it, many more like it!
  • " Kirscherl" is our version of a cherry liqueur made out of fresh cherries. As with all of our liqueurs, we treat the fresh cherries carefully and with lots of passion and feelings to develop them into a unique coloured cherryred liqueur for enjoying it pure as a shot or mixed with Prosecco, Champagne or Tonic water as a party drink, or aperitif.
  • "Zwetschgerl" is a plum liqueur with an intensive colour, plenty of plum scent in the nose and even more plum flavour in the mouth with a long lasting taste.
  • "Holunderl" means a liqueur made in spring out of fresh elderflowers, best harvested in the morning hours when the flowers are just about to open and full of yellow pollen in which all the flavour lies. Spiced only with fresh lemon and orange slices, probably vanilla , sugar and makes it a very typical strong flavoured liqueur 

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